The art of procrastination

My dreadedIMG_4295 GCSE exams are just around the corner, actually in 2 months to be exact, and as I know and the teachers have told me so, I should probably begin my revision if I haven’t done already.

There’s just one problem. That problem being procrastination.

You see as I write this, I am most definitely procrastinating about revising, I mean I am writing a blog post about procrastination, what more can I say!?

Procrastination is an art form. You undertake many creative and useful (or useless) activities whilst procrastinating. For me my most common activity is cleaning. Now this is abnormal for me as I am not the tidiest person in the world and that is probably my downfall. Before I do any sort of revision my desk must be clear and I mean clear, spotless. And once my desk is tidy I transition into hyper cleaning mode and end up cleaning my whole bedroom…the lounge…my office… and when that’s all over I am too exhausted and end up watching YouTube or Netflix.

The bad thing about Netflix (and there are not many bad things) is that stupid button at the end of an episode, to watch the next episode, and even if you don’t press it, you still get sucked into the time portal that is Netflix, it just plays the next episode for you! How convenient! 😉

A good thing for me about procrastination is I end up doing exercise. I suddenly feel like going for a run or doing yoga. Maybe I should try kickboxing or synchronized swimming!? You see where I am going with this.

Anyway if anyone has any tips on how to defeat procrastination, let me know, I need the help as I am sure others do too.


4 comments on “The art of procrastination

  1. LOL you are not alone! my friend is the greatest procrastinator! it’s actually funny sometimes. Not sure about tips, I think removing netflix and phone out of the equation would be useful, but that’s almost impossible these days 😀

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